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October 28, 2010

Reno 911!

If you've never seen Reno 911!, I highly suggest you watch it. It's an American TV Series which is a spoof of COPS. It's hilarious. Most of the material on the show is improvised which is pretty cool. I've just started watching it an I'm loving it, I'm up to Season 2 of 6.
There's also a movie too :o




  1. Oh my god I used to watch this show on comedy central all the time :D

  2. I've been watching that since it started, and I think some of the recurring criminals (like Nick Swardson's character) are more entertaining than the regular cast.

  3. I sometimes happen to catch it on tv. It's pretty funny

    I didn't know it was improvised though, thats cool indeed! Makes me wanna go watch it