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October 12, 2010

Cannabis Should Be Legal Worldwide

In case you have never seen this before, it's a great documentary on cannabis and well, everything about it! It's called The Union and if you haven't seen it yet then I thoroughly suggest that you watch it. Do you part to promote the legalisation of cannabis and prepare your self for world peace :D


  1. Good documentary, and yes, it should be legal. :)

  2. I keep telling my parents to watch this, but they are so against it that they refuse time after time. Oh well. Not like I live with them anymore. Smoke erry day man :D

  3. I love that doc! Me and my dad watched it when I got my medical marijuana card a few years back and he said he felt like he'd been lied to his entire life about pot. He even bought into the whole pot makes you dumb propaganda and stopped smoking many years ago! Fucking shame I'd like my pops so much more if he were stoned all the time..

  4. Fuck yea the unions awesome im definatley going to be followin this blog