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November 18, 2010

Beautiful Skate Video

November 10, 2010

An Epic Mix

Stereo:Type (Ctrl-Z and Screwface) are an amazing team of DJs, this mini-mix will blow your mind.

October 30, 2010

Exam Time!

Ugh, so the beginning of next week marks the start of exam week for me :(
Anyone doing college or school even? I'm currently studying Psychology at uni, I'm a first year :o
What was you're favourite subject at school / uni?
pic related: first image result for "pencils and shit"

October 28, 2010

Reno 911!

If you've never seen Reno 911!, I highly suggest you watch it. It's an American TV Series which is a spoof of COPS. It's hilarious. Most of the material on the show is improvised which is pretty cool. I've just started watching it an I'm loving it, I'm up to Season 2 of 6.
There's also a movie too :o



October 25, 2010

Music and Dancing

I love music.
I thought it'd be an interesting question to pose, how do you dance?
Do you have any specific technique?
Do you do lessons?
What type of music do you listen to?
Listen to this song: http://www.robotskream.com/skrillex-remixes-alejandro/

October 19, 2010


Hokay, so if you haven't seen it before, Eraserhead is the most whack, fucked up film that could ever exist. It makes little to no sense and has the most "out-there" plot line conceivable by man. It's a David Lynch film and I watched it last night, whilst pretty high. I understood absolutely nothing and was just freaked out the entire time.
If you've watched it before, comment with your reviews / opinions, if you haven't, watch it anyway and comment :D

October 14, 2010


Just quickly, does anyone find that their washing machine eats a few of their socks?
Because I swear that every time I put 6 socks in, 5 socks come out. I'm for ever looking for that "other" sock of a pair. Something must be done about this.
these are what socks are for all you non-sockers out there